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From Maria Rahajeng for her #missworld2014 project, #BridgeForPeace. Best of luck, Maria!!

This is what the bridge looks like in the village of Ciraden - Tugu, Cimanggu, Pandeglang, Banten. The bamboo bridge that people usually cross on, collapsed and was swept by the currents that were caused by recent floods. This river separates two villages - Ciraden & Cimanggu. The problem is that high school students living in Ciraden go to school in Cimanggu, while several teachers who live in Cimanggu teach in the Ciraden schools. This is clearly very problematic when floods come to town with no proper bridge for crossing, forcing to disrupt education.

For her Beauty With a Purpose project for the upcoming Miss World 2014 competition, she is on a mission to give the people of Pandeglang, Banten a new and much needed bridge. The goal is to raise Rp.140 million to finance the building of the bridge that will ultimately relieve the daily struggle these people endure.

Help me make this hope for them a reality by donating to the following account:

BCA no 5245032991 atas nama Maria A Sastrayu Rahajeng

Repath, retweet, regram are very welcome! Thank you all for the support 🙏

#SpreadTheWord with Maria – View on Path.

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