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Im posting this to share 20 facts bout me, which is challenged by @terefabrienne and @naomichellee.
Here they are :
1. I used to be so fat, like a pig 🐷
2. Most of them said that im fashionable
3. I love fashion
4. Easy going and friendly person
5. Good listener and advisor (am i?)
6. They said that im overkind, and most of them told me to not to be
7. Talkative person
8. Im kinda person that hard to say no
9. I love to watch a movie
10. Social person
11. Love to have and take a pic (narcism?😝)
12. I dont love to read
13. Sometimes i love to act stupid
14. I love to dance and sing
15. Perfectionist, overthinking and competitive
16. I love to see women in heels
17. I dont love sunbathing
18. Trypophobia and Acrophobia
19. Im not a gamer
20. Someone who is in love 😂

I have tagged you guys to share 20 facts ‘bout you! 😉
#20factsaboutme #vsco #vscom #vscocam #menstyle #candid #random #challenge (at Shirokuma)

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